Production Line Trading - D.I.Y. Program
The Smartest Way To Swing Trade Stocks

"The best way to learn how a portfolio is managed is by seeing a portfolio being managed" - Phil Newton

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PLT - D.I.Y. Training$3000

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  • 1xPLT - D.I.Y. Training$3000

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Program Summary

PLT - Program Access - Lifetime. 
Access to all past and future strategy updates
- Save $8,500 compared to 1-2-1 mentorship

PLT - Quickstart Training. The essentials to "make it work" (and, of course, fill in any blank spots)
- Save - $1,500

PLT - Decision Tree. A handy printable desktop decision tree.

T.T.E  Trade Management System - The real secret to long term trading success.

What Phil's Trading. See every trade I place with entries, exits, stops, & targets.
- Save $500/pm

Prop. Shop Training - Accelerated Results NOW!! The fastest way to turn knowledge into repeatable trading results.

UNLIMITED SUPPORT - When you need it, you go it.

Visual Chart Assistant - automated chart entries, exits, stops, targets, and trade management.

Traffic Light Trading System Tools.
Tradestation software.

SAVE $15,250 Today

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